Best Cross Trainers for wide feet in 2023


Finding the right pair of shoes for yourself can sometimes be an overwhelming task. This gets worse if you have a foot condition such as flat feet. Your footwear needs to have some specific features to be effective and relieve your worries. 


To cater to your foot problems such as flat feet, you must know your foot type and size.


However, that is not the difficult part. The one that leaves people scratching their heads is one they have to pick the right pair of shoes for themselves.



The shoe market is crowded with brands claiming to be the best in the business leaving customers with the headache of choosing the most suitable one for themselves. How can you pick on from the sea of brands?


Well, that is where we come into play. We have compiled a list of the Best Workout Shoes For Flat Feet Women that have been drawn up by one of the best therapists and doctors on the face of the planet.


From cushioning to sufficient support, the shoes on our list have got it all. So, let’s dig in, shall we?


Features to look for in shoes for workout for females with flat feet


Now, many characteristics make a good workout shoe. Many people have this conception that they can just buy a normal shoe and it would fit the billing.


However, that is not how it works. Various key components must be taken into account when buying shoes for flat feet. Below are some of them.



Best shoes for women with flat feet ankle support


Your feet need sufficient support. This can be provided in the form of solid upper material as it would provide your feet with the maximum support in the upper part. 





Best women shoes with arch support cushioning


Another key feature that all good shoes have is a sufficient amount of cushioning. The footwear that you choose must have enough cushioning so that it provides you with support and comfort which is much-needed when you have a flat foot.




Boots with ankle support customized shoe fit


Finding the shoe that provides supreme fitting has become a rare thing in this day and age. No matter how much research you put in to find the right fitting for you, you will end up with a shoe that would either be wide or narrow.




List of best flat feet women shoes for workout

  1. Reebok Women’s Ros Workout Tr 2-0 Cross-trainer Shoe – Best shoes for women with flat feet
  2. New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker – Best women shoes with arch support
  3. Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer – Boots with ankle support
  4. Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport Training Water Shoe – CrossFit shoes for women with flat feet
  5. ASICS Women’s Gel-Craze TR 4 Cross-Trainer Shoe – Sneakers for flat feet women
  6. Nike in-Season TR 9 Women’s Running Shoe – Shoes for women with arch support
  7. Saucony Jazz Low Pro Women’s – Running shoes for ladies with ankle problems
  8. Brooks Women’s Transcend 6 Running Shoe – Cross trainers for flat feet women


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Reebok Ros Workout Tr 2-0 Shoe – Best women’s shoes for flat feet

Product details:

  • Package Dimensions: 11.4 x 7.3 x 4.5 inches; 8.4 Ounces
  • Item model number: AR2981
  • Department: Women’s
  • Date First Available: June 28, 2016
  • Manufacturer: Reebok


Reebok shoes are very popular and always on-trend. These shoes will never go out of fashion thanks to their unique style and comfortable structure. It is not easy to find shoes that are super comfortable and good-looking.


Reebok shoes are very classic and you can wear them to show off in front of your friends. These shoes are perfect for your daily workout routine.


During workouts, you need shoes that do not itch or cause any sort of discomfort. Don’t worry Reebok shoes are your new best friend. 



  • Slip-resistant

  • Strong grip

  • Super comfy

  • Sufficient underfoot cushioning  

  • The insoles are a bit thin



Why is it recommended?

They are lace-up shoes so you can tighten them as you please. They have a rubber sole to give a strong grip. A strong grip is very important for workout shoes.


These shoes have a multi-surface rubber outsole to keep your feet comfortable. Meanwhile, it also has an underfoot cushion for good impact control for hard workouts.



New Balance FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker – Shoes to wear if you have flat feet

New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize V1...
  • These shoes have a performance fit. We...
  • Midsole Cushioning: These New Balance...
  • Underfoot Comfort: With an NB Memory...

Product details:

  • Package Dimensions: 12.5 x 7.2 x 4.5 inches; 5.3 Ounces
  • Item model number: WXNRGBK
  • Department: Women’s
  • Date First Available: October 17, 2014
  • Manufacturer: New Balance


New balance fuel core shoes are the new fav right now. Everyone is drooling over their classic look. They are beautiful and comfortable.


The ultimate combo. Sneakers are your everyday use and thanks to the strong and reliable structure and material of these shoes they will stay longer with you. 


These shoes have the perfect look as well. You can wear them to a nice outing with your friends or family.


These shoes have a very comfortable layer that hugs your foot in a very soothing and comfortable way. The good thing about these shoes is that they have a rubber sole.


Moreover, a rubber sole makes sure that you maintain a strong grip and don’t slip easily. Now you don’t need to keep a lookout for the “wet floor” sign. They are lace-up shoes so that you can tighten them up to your choice.



  • Custom-fit

  • Breathable

  • Roomy toe box

  • Slip-resistant

  • Available in a variety of color options 

  • Not ideal for sports



Why is it recommended?

The lace-up style is best for the consumer as you can adjust to your choice. They also have an underfoot comfort to keep you comfortable and easy all day long.


You will not feel any itch or discomfort due to these shoes but you will only be comfortable and relaxed the whole day. These shoes win at both style and comfort which makes them unique as not every shoe has that superpower. y.



Reebok CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Cross Trainer – Best CrossFit footwear for women

Product details:

  • Package Dimensions: 11.4 x 7.4 x 4.6 inches; 10 Ounces
  • Item model number: CN1039
  • Department: Women’s
  • Date First Available: January 4, 2018
  • Manufacturer: Reebok


Reebok CrossFit shoes are your everyday gym partner. It does not matter whether you are going for cardio or a run in the park. These shoes will be your support in every situation.


It is very important to have comfortable shoes during your workout. 


Your problem is now solved. Say goodbye to the itchy and uncomfortable shoes that make your feet itchy and painful after hard work at the gym.


You need shoes that will keep your shoes in their comfort zone and give you the best time. 


Reebok Crossfit shoes have a rubber sole that keeps the shoes gripped and your workout super effective.


Shoes play an important role as you need shoes that don’t make it worse by spoiling your feet so that you don’t have many distractions to deal with but focus on your workout. 



  • Slip-resistant 

  • Shock absorbency

  • Roomy toe box

  • Sufficient cushioning 

  • Not for people with flat feet



Why is it recommended?

These shoes have a comfortable and sturdy design so that you stay at your comfort. Even during a high-intensity workout, your shoes will be loyal to you.


Your ankles will stay comfortable as ankles are not easy to protect during the high workout but that will not be the case anymore. 


These shoes have an extra cushion that gives extra comfort. Plus they are good-looking as well. It’s time to impress everyone at the gym while giving a super workout.



Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport Training Shoe – Best boots for ladies with flat foot

Ryka Women's Hydro Sport Cross Training Water...
  • Water fitness and outdoor water...
  • PERFORMANCE TECH: Multi-port drainage...
  • MADE FOR WOMEN FIT: Designed for a...

Product details:

  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 4 x 8 inches; 8.6 Ounces
  • Item model number: HYDRO SPORTS Water Shoe-W
  • Department: Women’s
  • Date First Available: July 7, 2014
  • Manufacturer: RYKA (Caleres, Inc)


Ryka hydro sport training shoes are your new best friend for your workout or sports training. You must be feeling exhausted after trying every shoe but getting disappointed.


Most shoes are uncomfortable and make you feel itchy but that is not the case with them. 


You need to feel comfortable when you are during training or work out as more distractions will only make things worse. These Ryka hydro shoes are super comfortable and productive.


They have strong material so that they can go through all sorts of high-intensity workouts. Its quality is 100% synthetic and mesh. 


These materials are very reliable as you don’t need to worry about spoiling the shoes or getting torn during high-intensity workouts.


These shoes are made for a high-intensity workout. These shoes also have chlorine-resistant material. Its sole is sticky rubber so that you get a better grip on wet surfaces. 



  • Breathable

  • Easy to put on

  • Chlorine resistant and waterproof

  • Sufficient arch support

  • Available in a variety of color options

  • Not enough durable

  • A bit difficult to clean



Why is it recommended?

They are lace-up shoes so that you can tighten them or lose them according to your own preference.


These shoes are not afraid to get wet that’s why its material is waterproof and chlorine resistant so that water does not pass in your feet or ruin the shoes. 


They are great for water aerobics. They also have a speed lace system for easy on/off. You don’t want it to be complicated. People are drooling over these shoes thanks to their super qualities.



ASICS Gel-Craze TR 4 Cross-Trainer Shoe – Best water-resistant shoes for flat feet

ASICS Women's Gel-Craze Trail 4 Training...
  • Rearfoot GEL technology cushioning...
  • AHAR Outsole: Acronym for ASICS High...
  • Solyte Midsole Material: A lighter...

Product details:

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Package Dimensions: 11.57 x 7.24 x 4.25 inches; 8 Ounces
  • Item model number: S755N
  • Department: Women’s
  • Date First Available: December 18, 2017
  • Manufacturer: ASICS


Next in line is an Asics product that has won the hearts of millions out there with its unique supportive and stable structure.


These cross trainers are made of synthetic and mesh material that enhances their breathability and adds to their comfort.


Moreover, the sole of these women’s shoes is also made of synthetic material which enhances the traction and makes these shoes waterproof.


Another stand-out feature of these shoes is that they are equipped with an Ahar outsole which would provide your flat feet with much-needed support.



  • Breathable

  • Sufficient cushioning

  • Slip-resistant

  • Supportive structure

  • Not enough arch support

  • Question marks over its durability



Why is it recommended?

There are not many brands in the footwear industry that can compete with this Asics shoe when it comes to providing wearers with comfortability and stability.


And this shoe is no exception. It has got everything that women with flat feet look for. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on the ASICS bandwagon and get rid of all the problems that you are facing due to your flat feet. 



Nike in-Season TR 9 Women’s Running Shoe – Flat feet shoes for aged women

Nike Womens Renew in Season TR 9 Running...
  • From boot camp to kickboxing, the Nike...
  • Renew foam cushions for continuous...
  • Training - Round toe - Contrast...

Product details:

  • Package Dimensions: 11.6 x 7.5 x 4.2 inches; 14.11 Ounces
  • Item model number: AR4543
  • Department: Women’s
  • Date First Available: June 12, 2020


Say hello to Nike in-season TR 9 running shoes. That’s right they are running shoes. They look extremely beautiful and the type you would wear to show off in front of your friends or family. You can do that too but they are made for running. 


Whenever you are in a mood to take a nice fresh breath and run a few kilometers these shoes are your best choice. They are Nike shoes to start with. They are known for their reliable quality. 


Not only that but they are also incredibly comfortable. Wait a minute. Comfortable and beautiful? Is that possible? Yes, it’s possible. These shoes are not only of good quality but they are super comfortable and great looking. 


You can wear them while running in the park and you will notice people staring at your shoes. Who doesn’t love good attention? Now you can do a solid workout thanks to these shoes. You can do any intense workout this shoe wouldn’t care. 



  • Durable

  • Breathable 

  • Sufficient cushioning

  • Super grip

  • Available in numerous color options

  • Hard to adjust laces



Why is it recommended?

They are made of super quality that it will not harm them at all. They will also last a lot longer than any other shoes. Quality is very important as you need a long-term friend so you don’t have to invest half your income in buying new shoes.


Buy them once and you will not need to buy them again for a long time. They are lace-up shoes as that makes them easy to wear and underwear.


Its sole is gum rubber which makes it super grippy. No wet floor or any wet surface will not be able to challenge these shoes.



Saucony Jazz Low Pro Women’s – Flat feet boots for CrossFit

Saucony Women's Jazz Low Pro Running Shoe,...
3,526 Reviews
Saucony Women's Jazz Low Pro Running Shoe,...
  • Shock-absorbing low profile EVA midsole
  • X Textile lining and cushioning insole
  • T-600(TM) triangular-lug rubber traction...

Product details:

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 4 x 7 inches; 10 Ounces
  • Item model number: S10412-1
  • Department: Women’s
  • Date First Available: December 18, 2017
  • Manufacturer: Saucony


Introducing Saucony originals azurin sneakers. These are the top fav in the market right now and people can get enough. They are very high in demand and that’s why you need to buy them. You can even walk miles and not even feel a pinch. 


They are very comfortable and great looking as well. These shoes are the choice of athletes as they are great during a workout or running and they are comfortable and grippy.


It has an extra cushion to keep the feet at their utmost comfort and avoid any sort of discomfort. 


It is important for shoes to be comfortable or else they are not worth it. These shoes are beautiful plus they are very comfortable thanks to their unique structure and design. The best thing about these shoes is super stability. 


You need to have stability in order to do a good workout. These shoes have just that. These shoes are the best choice for any athlete. Now you will not even lose an ounce of stability and enjoy your comfortable day.


You can do all sorts of intense workouts it will be fine. These shoes are the definition of comfort. 



  • Lightweight

  • Superior traction

  • Slip-resistant

  • Superior cushioning provides comfort

  • Complaints about their durability

  • The soles are a bit hard



Why is it recommended?

Furthermore, it has a rubber sole that gives it a nice and strong grip. The grip is very impinged in shoes as otherwise, you need to be careful and you might fall anytime.


Now thanks to these shoes you no longer need to look for a “wet floor” sign and you can just carry on with your work without any sort of distractions. 


Its fabric is textile and synthetic which proves that these shoes are very reliable. This is a great material for shoes as they will keep them strong and fit for a long time.



Brooks Women’s Transcend 6 Running Shoe – Best footwear for females with flat feet

Brooks Womens Transcend 6 Running Shoe -...
  • THIS WOMEN'S SHOE IS FOR: Runners who...
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: New OrthoLite sockliner...

Product details:

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches; 1.37 Pounds
  • Item model number: 1202871B
  • Department: Women’s
  • Date First Available: May 15, 2018
  • Manufacturer: Brooks


The last product on our list of best workout shoes for flat feet women is a Brooks product that has won the hearts of customers from around the globe.


This is mainly down to the fact that from comfortability to sufficient support it has got it all. The GuideRails support provides your feet with sufficient comfort and support.


The engineered mesh adds to the comfort and enhances the breathability of these running shoes for women with flat feet.



  • DNA LOFT cushioning

  • Breathable

  • Ideal for long distances

  • Great stability 

  • Available in just three colors



Why is it recommended?

If this is not enough for you to get convinced to give these shoes a shot then bear in mind that they are equipped with a DNA LOFT cushioning which provides a soft comfortable feel in the underfoot making them one of the best in the business.




Do flat feet need stability shoes?

There is a conception among numerous people that earring stability shoes can relieve some of your flat feet’ pain. Well, we would like to break this news to you that this notion is definitely true.


Studies have shown that wearing stability shoes can help the person in question in relieving some of the pain in flat feet. This is down to the fact that the stability shoes are equipped with extra arch support which plays an integral role in strengthening the muscles in the feet.

Can flat feet be corrected?

Yes, flat feet are one of those foot deformities that can be corrected. How? Well, it all depends on the severity of your case.


If it is not something serious then you can follow some remedies or exercises that help overcome this problem and of course having the right footwear at your disposal can also help you in overcoming this issue.


Meanwhile, if the severity of the flat feet is serious then you have to consult a physical therapist that can assist you in this matter. 

What problems can flat feet cause?

There are numerous cases where the individuals with flat feet felt no symptoms or pain. But that is not always the case. Sometimes people feel discomfort in their heel and arch area.


With more activity, the pain can worsen which can lead to swelling inside the ankle. 



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Bottom line:

There are numerous brands out there that claim to be the best in the business but only a few live true to their words. That is exactly what you are going to get from our list of best workout shoes for flat feet women.


Now, we know that there would be many readers who would want us to pick one pair of shoes from the list so that they can know the right fit for you. Although all of our product is of premium quality if we have to pick one then it would be


This selection is down to the fact that these shoes have got everything in their locker. From comfortability to stability to support. There is nothing in which these shoes lack in.


So did you like our list above? If you did then do not forget to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you. 

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