Best Wrestling Shoes For Youth You Can Buy on Amazon

7 Best Wrestling shoes for youth

Do you want to be a wrestler whose fighting skills are known by most audiences? If yes, then you must know that to perform elegantly, your body must be able to move quicker and twist to a great extent. Further, good traction on the mat is also needed when you are training for a match.


It is possible only when you’re wearing the right type of footwear. By right we mean shoes that can give durability, comfort, and flexibility to your feet.


If you’re thinking about how to choose the shoe pair that suits best your fighting needs, then stop worrying. Our guide has enclosed all the details of the best wrestling shoes for youngsters.

Let’s take a look at the necessary factors that must be offered by the best wrestling shoes.

Characteristics Of The Best Wrestling Shoes For Youth

These are some of the quality features of the best wrestling shoes for youngsters.


ankle support

Amount Of Ankle Support

The padded collar or tongue in the shoes must be extended enough to your feet. It’ll support your ankles while making instant moves and resisting injuries.


Split Soles

Split soles have two segmented rubber sections; on the forefoot and heel. They tend to bend your feet effectively which allows quicker movements. They are much better than uni-soles.


Durability and Traction

A comfy shoe resists wear and tear. It ensures good traction on all surfaces and continues to be usable for an extended period.

shoes material


Look for a Shoe that is made from suede, mesh, nylon, or leather. It is flexible, durable, comfy, breathable, and supportive. It should be lightweight and fits great on your feet.


Categories of the best wrestling shoes for youth

The following list displays different kinds of best shoes for fighting and combating sports.

ASICS Kids Matflex 6 Grade School Wrestling Shoes_ exhibit comfort-boosting properties

ASICS Kids Snapdown 3 Grade School Wrestling Shoes_ a reliable wrestling-style shoe

Adidas Men’s Combat Speed 5 Wrestling Shoe_ looks appealing and stylish

Adidas Men’s Mat Wizard 4 Wrestling Shoes_ a universal wrestling shoe

Nike Men’s Air Force 1 High ’07_ an iconic blend of fashion and comfort

Nike Men’s Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoes_ Push your limits with extra cushioning

Venum Elite Boxing Shoes_ an elite-level shoe for wrestling and boxing

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ASICS Kids Matflex 6 Grade School Wrestling Shoes

ASICS Kid's MATFLEX 6 Grade School Wrestling...
  • EVA Sockliner: Removable sockliner that...
  • Mesh insole improves ventilation:
  • Mesh insole: Improves ventilation.

Product details

Shoe Shaft Style: High Top

Closure: Lace Up

Outsole Material: Rubber

Shoe Width: Standard

Upper Material: Synthetic

ASICS Kids Matflex 6 Grade is a quality shoe that allows wrestlers to give their best performance in the ring. The insole in this shoe is of porous mesh that allows plenty of air to circulate within the shoe. So, your feet are kept moisture-free and refreshed all day long.


Even if you’re an extreme fighter who sweats a lot, an EVA sockliner is there to absorb that extra drip of salty liquid. Another crucial function of the removable sock liner is to ensure that your feet are cushioned properly.

The midsole is durable which makes these shoes usable for a long period.

  • Advanced breathability
  • Extra moisturizing

  • Good cushioning

  • Durable

  • Limit variety with respect to size



Why is it recommended?

The extra ventilation in these shoes allows you to focus on your opponent rather than be distracted by the sweaty feet. You can perform fantastic stunts safely and effectively by wearing these shoes.

ASICS Kids Snapdown 3 Grade School Wrestling Shoes

ASICS Kid's Snapdown 3 Grade School Wrestling...
  • Kimono inspired tongue design:
  • Shoelace garage keeps laces concealed:
  • Mesh underlays:

Product details

Closure: Lace Up

Outsole Material: Rubber

Shoe Shaft Style: Mid Top

Lining Material: Synthetic

Upper Material: Synthetic

Insole Material: Foam

ASICS Kids Snapdown 3 is a rigorous wrestling shoe with stitched-down overlays and mesh underlays. Your feet are kept breathable by a constant flow of fresh air throughout the match.

The tongue in these shoes exactly fits your feet. A shoelace garage keeps the laces tied up firmly. So, in terms of size adjustment factors offered by these shoes, there’s not much to worry about.

The outsoles feature a unique circular pattern design that enhances the grip on the mat after the foot gets planted.

  • Advanced breathability
  • Keep your feet refreshed
  • Outstanding traction
  • Limit variety to size



Why is it recommended?

The advanced ventilation and extraordinary traction given by these shoes make them a great choice for most wrestlers.

Adidas Men’s Combat Speed 5 Wrestling Shoe

adidas Performance Men's combat speed.5...
  • Full-length one-piece outsole
  • Elastic ankle strap
  • Mesh upper with synthetic leather and...

Product details

Fabric type: Textile and Synthetic

Sole material: Rubber and Leather

Outer material: Leather


Adidas Men’s Combat Speed 5 Wrestling Shoe fits just like a sock. This shoe offers a single layered mesh which is highly breathable. The side stripes with integrated panels give undefined flexibility to your feet. Hence, the maximum range of motion is ensured along with a comfy fit.

Split suede leather outsole allows for a grippy traction that prevents you from falling or getting injured during the match.

  • Sock-like fitting
  • Extra Supportive
  • Extremely breathable
  • A little bit tighter



Why is it recommended?

While fighting, you need to move instantly and randomly. For this, flexibility and adhesive grip are required to stay firm on the ground. Both of these stability features are assured when you’re wearing Adidas Men’s Combat Speed 5 Wrestling Shoes.

Adidas Men’s Mat Wizard 4 Wrestling Shoes

adidas Men's Mat Wizard 4 Wrestling Shoe,...
  • adidas male wrestling shoe
  • The adidas brand has a long history and...
  • Driven by a relentless pursuit of...

Product details

Closure: Lace Up

Outsole Material: Rubber

Shoe Shaft Style: Mid-Top

Lining Material: Fabric

Upper Material: Synthetic

Insole Material: Fabric

If you’re a wrestler who wants to deliver a quick attack, then go with the universal wrestling shoe Adidas Men’s Mat Wizard 4”.

The lightweight and breathable mesh uppers ensure comfort and stability by allowing flexibility and proper ventilation to your feet.

The shoe features a heel tap for an improved fit and abrasion-resistant foils for controlled rear-foot movements.


Super grippy outsole allows for enhanced traction at every single step during training or fighting.


  • Exact fit and abrasion-resistant
  • Breathable
  • Groundbreaking grip
  • Sometimes unfit for wide feet



Why is it recommended?

The greater extent of flexibility and an advanced fitting system in these shoes allow you to stick inside the ring for a longer time and deliver your peak performance.


Nike men’s Air Force 1 High ’07

Product details

Shoe Shaft Style: High Top

Closure: Hook & Loop, Lace Up

Style: Sneaker

Outsole Material: Rubber

Features: Adjustable Strap, Breathable, Comfort

Shoe Width: M

Upper Material: Leather



Nike men’s Air Force 1 High ’07 is a sneaker-styled shoe with a padded collar and upper tongue. It is a highly adjustable shoe that allows a great and secure fit to your feet. 

The full-grain leather upper gives a premium look to the shoes while ensuring durability and breathability. The upper perforations increase the amount of airflow, thus guaranteeing outstanding ventilation.

The lightweight midsole cushions the high impacts by absorbing intense shocks and allowing you to move smoothly. The outsole has pivoted circles that just enhance the grip on the mat or any other surface.

  • Outclass breathability
  • Comfortable
  • Groundbreaking grip
  • Ensures a Secure fit
  • Not so durable



Why is it recommended?

Every wrestler wants to spend an infinite time inside the ring. Your feet are guaranteed to be strengthened by an irresistible amount of traction, high breathability, and a secure fit as provided by these shoes.

Nike Men’s Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoes

Nike Kids Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoe...
140 Reviews
Nike Kids Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoe...
  • Nike SpeedSweep 7, made with suede and...
  • The adjustable strap up top helps secure...
  • Lightweight mesh helps keep your foot...

Product details

Closure: Lace Up

Cushioning Level: Moderate

Outsole Material: Rubber

Shoe Shaft Style: High Top

Upper Material: Suede

Insole Material: Foam

Designed for rough workouts, Nike Men’s Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoes come with breathable mesh and split suede uppers. 

They give your feet durability and allow them to move freely. You can perform various athletic stunts without fear of getting injured.

Such shoes are resistant to wear and tear, and keep your feet alive even after a rough tough day.

The die-cut midsole with a sockliner cushions your steps giving a smooth and comfy sensation. The gum rubber outsole gives your feet a sticky traction on all surfaces.

  • Extra supportive
  • Highly durable
  • Good Cushioned
  • Enhanced Traction
  • Not fit to extra wide feet



Why is it recommended?

You can take your game to the next level as these shoes offer unimaginable traction, stability, flexibility, and support to keep your feet intact inside the ring.


Venum Elite Boxing / Wrestling Shoes

Venum Elite Evo Monogram Boxing Shoes -...
  • Rubber outsole: increased grip,...
  • Bonded insole to prevent slipping.
  • Unique, cutting edge design.

Product details

Closure: Lace Up

Outsole: Rubber

Brand: Venum

Venum Elite Boxing/Wrestling Shoes are elite-level footwear that offers a great blend of stability and balance.


The lightweight insoles are designed to fit the plantar arch of your feet ensuring comfort and support.


These shoes offer a “honeycomb” mesh upper that regulates foot ventilation by allowing increased airflow to your feet.

The strengthened outsoles offer explosive traction due to which you can fight on any surface efficiently.

  • Stable and supportive
  • Highly comfy

  • Breathable

  • Explosive traction
  • Sole might hurt in some cases



Why is it recommended?

The outstanding breathability and groundbreaking traction offered by these shoes make them good footwear to be worn for rough and tough combats.


Final Results

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an old fighter, you need several supporting factors that’ll assist you in fighting. Your feet play a crucial role in supporting the body.

That’s why wrestling shoes are preferred by most elites for combating sports. Wrestling shoes are comfy that control your motions while training or performing in the ring.

We’ve provided a concise detail of the best wrestling shoes for youth. By going through the list, you’ll be able to pick the right pair which fits best your needs.

Our pick is Adidas Men’s Mat Wizard 4, a “Universal Wrestling Shoe”. It is a lightweight, breathable, and comfy shoe that allows adhesive contact on the ground.

You must choose what suits you the best. Must have a thorough look at the shoe before making a purchase.

Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment section. We’ll appreciate your remarks and make sure to reply to them.

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