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We at Boot Select do our utmost to provide our readers with the most helpful product reviews on footwear of all kinds. Whether they are soccer cleats or hiking boots, there is nothing that we do not have in-store for our readers.

We know that we are growing with each passing day that is why we are always updating our pages and trying to enhance the user experience as much as possible.

We are a group of researchers, fashion gurus, and sportsmen. We want your shoe purchasing to be simple and stress-free. Our CEO David Palmer, has 12 years of the shoe quality assurance checker experience, and this is why he developed this website to share our Shoes expertise knowledge around the world.


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CEO Special

Hi, I’m David Palmer, A Shoe quality assurance expert with 12+ years of experience in the footwear testing department and a business owner. I have a background in different shoe factories, checking the quality and safety of shoes. I love exploring other shoe brands’ quality standards, shoes cost, and the mechanism behind them. I dealt with brands like Nike, Adidas, Sketchers, Forest, Converse, and Vans, among others. Currently, I am running a business and blogging about shoes to spread knowledge about my Shoe expertise worldwide.

This is how this website began and why we continue to maintain it. I hope this information is helpful to you. We always try our hardest to share everything honestly and according to our values and expertise.




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Thomas Pitt – Athlete

Thomas is a skilled athlete, an admitted addict to the high that comes from being outside. He invests a lot of time finding the appropriate tools for each session.
The appropriate equipment can make or break a game, whether it’s playing in a sporting event or running a marathon. Investing time in research is a wise use of time.
Despite being a strong supporter of barefoot footwear, Tom won’t allow himself to be labelled. Supra sneakers, Michelin running boots, Vivo barefoot athletic shoes, and of course the requisite vintage Flyers are all part of his current shoe collection.


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Sara Sood – Fashion Expert

“I Think What One Wears is Part of Their Personality” – Sara Sood
Sara thinks beauty is much more than simply what meets the eye. Your character, your uniqueness, and your most profound, inward thoughts all shine through as beautiful. Therefore, each person is lovely in their own special way. Each beautiful story should be recounted and listened a million times over, she says.
She has always known that the world’s perceptions of beauty are vastly different from hers. Because of this, she set out on her adventure to find the best shoes in which she walks into success.
As a fashion designer, Sara believes that your shoes say as much about your personality and confidence as anything else.


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Hannah Potter – Shoes Researcher and Content Writer

One of our main authors and researchers is Hannah Potter. She carefully constructs each piece to be educational and simple to read using Thomas’, Sara’s, and her own study and knowledge. Hannah enjoys working out and running as well. She excels in all she does.


We are lucky to have a team of expert editors at our disposal that have years of experience up their sleeves. They provide content to the readers through in-depth analysis as they know it can affect their lives. For us there is nothing more important than gaining the trust of our readers.


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