7 Best Work Shoes for Men To Get Things Done

7 Best Work Shoes for Men

If you’re looking for new or better shoes, it’s due to the fact that your current shoes aren’t good enough to support your feet or maybe you’re encountering severe foot problems. Working men are well aware of the issues caused by wearing worn-out shoes.


Whether you’re a mechanic or warehouse worker, maintenance or construction worker, a hiker or runner, a waiter or house cleaner, or a person with any long-shift job. Shoes are going to impact your way of life to a great extent.


You don’t want to ruin your day or get annoyed due to foot aches caused by improper footwear. So, go for a shoe that makes you feel like walking on the clouds.


Wearing shoes that keep your feet confident is essential. But you might be wondering, “What type of shoes are considered  well for performing our daily tasks efficiently?” 


Don’t worry, as we put a brief guide to the best work shoes for men. Before jumping to the guide, you should know that certain features must be checked when going for a shoe selection. Let’s have a look at these features.


Characteristics Of Best Work Shoes For Men

Let’s have a look at the quality of the best work shoes for men.


Breathability and durability

Get a leather, suede, canvas, or lightweight upper mesh shoe. It absorbs extra sweat from your feet and keeps them refreshed all day. Non steel shoes offer high durability making them resistant to wear and tear.


Energy absorption and lightweight

Shoes with wider or flexible toe-box shapes such as square-toe or almond-toe styles are lightweight and allow maximum energy absorption in the heel area. This ensures enhanced comfort with little to no risk of injury.


Water And Electric Resistance

For workers in an environment with electrical dangers, shoes made with rubber or leather (both are non-conductive materials) are the best solution. They are resistant to both electricity and water.


Comfort and Fit

If you want to feel cozy in your shoe then make sure that it must be adjustable to your feet. It must not be too wide or too narrow to cause any discomfort. A good fit allows for great comfort making your everyday life much easier.

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List Of Best Work Shoes For Men


Following is a list of the shoes that are best for working men. Each shoe has its characteristic features and is effective in certain aspects.


Danner Men’s Crafter Romeo 3_ electrically insulated boots

KEEN Utility Men’s Work Boots_ non-slip shoes with a mid-height steel toe

J.Crew Kenton Chelsea boots_ ankle boots with comfy soles

Justin Boots Mens Temple_ Simple Cowboy Boots 

Cat Footwear Men’s Invader Construction Boot _ for an extraordinary traction

Skechers Men’s Delson_ custom-fit lacing shoes

New Balance Industrial 515 Mens_ awesome working sneakers


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Danner Men’s Crafter Romeo 3 Park

Danner Mountain 600 Waterproof Hiking Boots...
  • WATERPROOF hiking boots featuring 100%...
  • DURABLE men’s hiking boots with smooth...
  • ORTHOLITE triple-density polyurethane...

Product details


Shoe Shaft Style: Ankle

ClosurePull: On

Lining Material: Synthetic

Upper Material: Leather

Insole Material: Synthetic


Danner Men’s Crafter is a wonderful choice for people who desire enhanced durability and comfort levels. Comes with an oiled nubuck leather upper, these shoes deliver an unreasonable amount of flexibility to your foot. A built-in wide tox and an underfoot associated footbed allows for a responsive fit and foot ventilation. 

One of the major advantages of these shoes is that they are resistant to high volts current, thus you can safely do your job that involves any electrical work or environment. The waterproof mesh lining is breathable and exhibits moisture-wicking features to help keep your feet dry.


  • Extremely comfortable

  • Enhanced cushioning

  • breathable

  • True to size

  • True to width

  • Allows strong grip

  • Heels might squeak sometimes


Why is it recommended?


The oil-resistant outsoles in Danner make it easy to walk or work on any unpleasant slippery surface. The advanced cushioning factor in these shoes makes them best for anybody with a heavy-duty job.

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Keen’s Utility Men’s Work Boots

KEEN Utility Men's Lansing Mid Height Steel...
  • STEEL TOE: Left and right asymmetrical...
  • TRACTION: Oil- and slip-resistant,...
  • WATERPROOF: KEEN.DRY is a waterproof,...


Product details

Shoe Shaft Style: Ankle

Upper Material: Leather

Outsole Material: Rubber

Closure: Lace Up


The full grain leather upper in Keen Utility Men’s wear makes you move to a great range as it is highly durable. Carbon fiber steel toes are lightweight and non-metallic which allows for a custom fit to the wearer.

In addition to oil and slip resistance, outsoles in these shoes also give enhanced safety from electricity. The waterproof and breathable membrane keeps your feet moisture-free and stress-free all day. Thus you can have a long time wear without any chance of getting foot infections.


  • Super comfortable

  • Elegant style

  • Welt Construction

  • Long Lasting

  • Moderate arch support

  • Soles rarely worn-out


Why is it recommended?

The most desirable feature of this shoe is that you can wear it for a long time. Having a safe mode from electrical exposure, these shoes ensure a high level of stability and comfort.


Justin Boots Men Temple Shoes

Justin Boots Men's Ropers, Black Kipskin, 6...
  • Full grain leather upper
  • Medium round toe
  • 1” heel, 12 inch shaft


Product details

Upper Material: Leather

Material: Leather

Sole Material: Rubber

Justin Boots Men Temple are kinda standard and simple-designed shoes. The exterior of these shoes possess a trendy fashioned look while a wide toe box makes a suitable fit for your feet. The cushioned insoles guarantee a smooth walk by canceling out the effects generated during the high impacts on the ground.

The leather upper in the shoes resists wear and tear conditions. Rubber outsole being oil resistant allows an adhesive grip on different grounds.

  • Cushioned insoles

  • Comfortable

  • Stylish exterior

  • Stitching may come out of the boots




Why is it recommended?

If you’re a worker who has to encounter tough and rough surroundings, then these boots are going to secure you from disturbing shocks by absorbing the unwanted impacts during stride.

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CAT Footwear Men’s Invader Construction Boot

Cat Footwear Men's Invader Hi Steel Toe...
  • Steel toe for tough protection against...
  • CLEANSPORT NXT layer in lining provides...
  • Electrical Hazard (EH) protects the...


Product details

Closure: Lace Up

Outsole Material: Rubber

Shoe Shaft Style: Ankle

Lining Material: Fabric

Upper Material: Leather

Insole Material: Foam


CAT Men’s Invader has reached a new height in its manufacturing area. One of the outstanding features of these shoes is the steel toe that ensures safety from unimaginable impacts and compressions. The soft footbed along with the mesh upper lining ensures all-day comfort by giving enough flexibility and breathability to your feet.

The durable rubber outsoles and slip-resistant soles allow you to stand on the ground firmly by offering unimaginable grip strength overall.



  • Insulation from electric currents

  • Undefineable traction

  • Durable and Lightweight

  • Extra breathable

  • Bottom gets stuck on some surfaces




Why is it recommended?

A durable midsole allows you to wear these shoes for a long time. Having such an advanced level of traction, these shoes guarantee a smooth and stable stride on irregular bumpy terrains.


J.Crew Kenton Chelsea Boots

Amazon Essentials Men's Chelsea Boot, Black,...
  • COMFORT AND FIT: These Chelsea boots...
  • MATERIAL: Amazon Essentials shoes are...
  • STYLE: These boots have an elongated...


Product details

Leather: Snuff Suede

Sole: Black Crepe

Lining: Leather

Upper Material: Leather


Leather upper in J.crew Kenton Chelsea Boots allows for durability, support, and stability, and gives a stylish look to the feet. Features insoles with leather and textile lining that ensure structural maintenance and breathability. They are so versatile that you can wear them all day without getting uncomfortable.


Being adjustable to your foot size, it’s not a hard job to wear and take off these shoes repeatedly.


  • Highly versatile

  • Comfortable

  • Resistant to wear and tear

  • Good Looking

  • Limited weather resistance and require maintenance after a specific time




Why is it recommended?


These shoes are highly versatile making them suitable for people with intensive jobs. Also, they suit well to any kind of outfit.

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Skechers Men’s Delson Shoes

Skechers Men's Delson-Antigo Sneaker, CDB, 7
  • Air Cooled Memory Foam
  • Waterproof
  • Relaxed Fit


Product details

Closure: Lace Up

Lining Material: Synthetic

Outsole Material: Rubber

Upper Material: Leather

Insole Material: Foam


Versatile Skechers Men’s Delson has a cushioned insole to ensure a stable stride and comfortability to the feet. An advanced lace system having a smooth leather upper and a mesh slip placed on it ensures a custom fit and durability.

Not only that a shock absorptive midsole is there to resist the unwanted energy shocks from the feet, hence allowing you to walk easily without exerting any extra effort. Further, to maintain strong contact with the ground, flexible rubber outsoles are integrated. 


  • Adjustable to foot size

  • Advanced lacing

  • Can be worn and taken off easily

  • Shock absorptive

  • Soles may worn-out in some cases


Why is it recommended?


In addition to custom-fit, a high level of stability is ensured by allowing high shock absorptions and grippy traction. If you want a comfortable ride with an easy-to-go lacing system, then these shoes are really going to assist you a lot. 


New Balance Industrial 515 Mens

New Balance Men's 515 V3 Sneaker,...
  • Suede and mesh upper
  • Lightweight EVA foam cushioning in the...
  • NB Comfort Insert offers additional...


Product details

Shoe Shaft Style: Low Top

Closure: Lace Up

Lining Material: Fabric

Outsole Material: Rubber

Upper Material: Leather

Insole Material: Foam


New Balance Industrial 515 Men are extremely lightweight having a midsole that gives a soft and cushioned feel to the feet. The upper portion of the shoes fits exactly to your foot which is highly breathable and water-resistant.


Outsoles in these shores are oil-resistant, hence giving great traction on all kinds of surfaces. They are also designed in a stylish way that suits all types of classy wear.


  • Highly comfortable

  • Fashionable design

  • Extra breathable

  • Good cushioning

  • Can be worn casually

  • Not good traction on wet floors

  • Not for runners or those performing intense activities




Why is it recommended?


These shoes are kind of stylish sneakers that are suitable for most people with standing jobs or those who have to be on their feet the whole day. They allow a continuous airflow that helps keep your feet fresh all the time.


Final Thoughts


The right footwear is a crucial part of your work gear. Any mishappening that might occur in your workplace could also be life-threatening. So, to avoid such situations you need to be well aware of factors that are your primary source of safety. In this case, your first focal point must be your footwear.


Protective shoes are considered to be highly breathable, well cushioned, supportive, waterproof, electrically insulated, and must offer enough traction. After all, your safety is concerned with your family’s safety.


With a lot of options, it is an extremely tough task to find the right shoe pair that suits your needs. For your ease, we’ve narrowed down a guide of shoes that can assist you according to your needs.


Our recommendation is CAT Men’s Invader. Their high breathability, enhanced durability, extraordinary traction, and electrical insulation make them an ultimate option for workers with relatively hard jobs. Also, their enhanced cushioned interior allows for greater resistance against highly impactful forces, thus ensuring flexible movements throughout the day.


But you must go with a pair that suits your requirements the best. 


Do give us your feedback in the comment section. We value your reasons and will respond to your inquisitions as soon as possible.


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