Best Soccer Shoes For Wide Feet – Super Buying Guide 2024


Best Soccer Shoes For Wide feet


Football has seen one of the greats like Maradona, Pele, Johan Cruyff, Messi, and Ronaldo show magic with their feet for years. Simply defying odds, breaking records, and showing sub-lime skills.


But let’s face it, not everyone has that skill. But that does not mean that they can not reach the top of the game. If you regularly play soccer or even follow the game then you would be familiar with the importance that cleats play in this beautiful game.


From Cristiano Ronaldo to Christian Pulisic, every top-class player pays a huge amount of significance to the footwear that they use while playing the game.



Having the right pair of soccer cleats would allow you to fulfill your potential and focus on the game so that you can become the talisman that your team has been looking for.


Soccer cleats are an essential piece of equipment for any soccer player. They provide traction, stability, and support for the feet, which is crucial for performing your best on the field. A misaligned foot is a result of wrong cleat and can cause disturbance to your games’ performance and also cause pain in your feet.

One of the biggest worries for soccer players is when their cleats are too tight. They simply can not perform to their maximum potential which eventually affects the team’s performance at the end of the day.


You should be super cautious when picking the cleats for soccer as they can play a critical role in your performance in the practice session as well as in the game.


So, as always, we have compiled a buying list of the Best Soccer Shoes For Wide Feet which is going to help you make a well-informed decision.


Features that wide soccer cleats should have

There are some features that every wide soccer cleat should possess in order to be considered among the best soccer cleats for wide feet. Some of them are;



Top soccer cleats for wide feet cushioning


One of the most important features of soccer cleats is the amount of cushioning done in the shoes. It should be of sufficient amount so that you do not feel any discomfort and the weight of the shoes must be low to avoid any burdened condition during running.




Wide soccer cleats for players durability


Most of the shoes in the list below are known for their durability. Many shoes have great designs and trendy looks but when it comes to durability they come short. A good one should only provide comfort or be good-looking but should also be durable.




Best soccer shoes for wide feet stability


Your shoes should have enough amount of support so that the wearer does not fall while wearing them. They should have a stable footbed preferably of EVA that provides comfort as well as stability in the midfoot and heel area. In this way, sudden turns can be easily maintained during sports activity.




Best soccer cleats traction


Now, this feature holds great significance in soccer as the grip of your traction can have a huge say in how you hold your ground in the game. You should pick a shoe that provides traction of superior quality on all kinds of tracks.




List of Best Wide Soccer Cleats For Football Players

  1. Adidas Men’s Copa Mundial Firm Ground Soccer Cleats – Top soccer cleats for wide feet
  2. Nike Men’s Tiempo Genio II Leather Fg Soccer Cleat – Wide soccer cleats for players
  3. PUMA Men’s Evopower Vigor 1 FG Soccer Shoes – Best soccer cleats 
  4. PUMA Men’s King Top Fg Sneaker – Best men wide soccer cleats
  5. New Balance Men’s Visaro 2.0 Control FG Soccer Shoe – Best soccer cleats for footballers
  6. New Balance Men’s Furon 4.0 Pro FG Soccer Shoe – Soccer cleats with quality materials
  7. Umbro Men’s Football Boots – Top-rated soccer cleats for wide feet


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Adidas Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats – Best soccer cleats for wide feet


Product details:

  • Product Dimensions : 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches; 12 Ounces
  • Item model number : COPA MUNDIAL-M
  • Department: Men’s
  • Date First Available: August 6, 2003
  • Manufacturer: Adidas Performance Child Code (Shoes)


Has there ever been a soccer cleat that has been as popular as Adidas Copa Mundial? We highly doubt that. These soccer cleats are made of leather that enables the wearer to hold the ground on the toughest of surfaces.


There is a reason why we put these shoes on top of our list. They have been designed with EVA midsole which provides the wearer with a unique sense of comfortability.


Furthermore, these cleats have a leather upper with premium k-leather in the forefoot which enhances the flexibility and breathability of these shoes. It is a strong, lightweight leather derived from the hide of the kangaroo that possesses several benefits like durability, lightweight, moisture-wicking properties, softness, and sustainability.



  • Breathable

  • Flexible

  • Durable

  • Excellent wearing comfort

  • A bit pricey



Why is it recommended?

These cleats are designed especially for people with wide feet. The synthetic lining in these shoes enhances their durability and comfortability.


Moreover, They provide superior traction on firm ground with an outsole of impeccable quality. The enhanced sustainability gives the player an extra sense of comfort and increases the performance on the ground.




Product details:

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer:‎ No
  • Product Dimensions:12 x 7 x 5 inches; 13.8 Ounces
  • Item model number:‎ 034563
  • Department:Men’s
  • Date First Available:‎ July 1, 2004
  • Manufacturer:ADIDAS


Another Adidas product that is pretty popular among football players. These shoes have been designed with a rubber sole that makes them slip-resistant. This quality makes these cleats an excellent choice for athletes as they have to perform on multiple surface conditions.


They have a full-grain leather/textile material that not only enhances their comfort but also gives them a trendy look yet old-school look.


Furthermore, the molded studs of these shoes provide the wearer with the perfect grip on the pitch. There is sufficient padding around the ankle and heel area which provides the wearer with sufficient support and comfort. So, while wearing these a player has no chances of falls and he can focus more on his play.



  • Durable

  • Ideal for wider feet

  • Adjust to your feet over time

  • Great traction

  • It may take some time to break in

  • A bit heavy



Why is it recommended?

There are not many shoes that can outdo this product of Adidas. There is a reason why these cleats are widely regarded as one of the best ones out there.


They are equipped with die-cut ethylene vinyl acetate sock liner which improves their durability and stability. Also, it’s an extremely lightweight material that is suitable for running purposes giving the shoes a good shock absorptive ability.

Hence, athletes are more attracted to these due to their top-quality characteristics.



Nike Men’s Tiempo Genio II Leather Fg Soccer Cleat – Soccer boots for wide feet


Product details:

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 7.4 x 4.1 inches; 12 Ounces
  • Item model number: 819213-108
  • Department: Men’s
  • Date First Available: April 1, 2016


The next cleat on our list is Nike which is one of the biggest competitors of Adidad in the shoewear industry for decades now. These synthetic cleats provide the wearer with great fit, comfortability, and flexibility.


Furthermore, these shoes have been equipped with a foam heel counter that helps hold the heel in place and adds to the comfortability.


The rubber sole also makes these cleats slip-resistant. Superior traction is provided by strategic stud placement. These features allow any player to perform in any condition whether dry or rainy.



  • Stable ride

  • Suitable for everyday running

  • Lightweight

  • Slip-resistant

  • Take time to dry off

  • A bit narrower



Why is it recommended?

Although there is a sufficient amount of cushioning in these cleats they have been designed in a way that they are lightweight which is one of the things that soccer players crave.


The full Nike cushion midsole enhances the responsiveness of the shoes as well as the comfortability of the shoes.

Being slip-resistant, a player can completely focus on his game without fear of getting slipped. So, order these to perform well in all type of grounds.



PUMA Men’s Evopower Vigor 1 FG Soccer Shoe – Best soccer shoes for people with wide feet


Product details:

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 8 x 4 inches; 12 Ounces
  • Item model number: 10382407
  • Department: Men’s
  • Date First Available: April 6, 2017
  • Manufacturer: PUMA


Another brand that has surged as a serious competitor to Nike and Adidas is PUMA. Of all the shoes that PUMA has produced over the years, these cleats sit right at the very top if we talk about wider feet specifically.


Their pricing has been set by keeping every customer in mind which makes them one of the most affordable soccer cleats out there.


This shoe is a perfect combination for all the soccer enthusiasts and fashionistas out there. They are also available in a variety of sizes and come in three colors.



  • Available in multiple sizes

  • Stable outsole enhances agility

  • Just the right amount of cushioning.

  • It may feel a bit tight at first



Why is it recommended?

The anatomically engineered outsole provides supreme agility and stability to the wearer on the pitch.


Moreover, the spandex sock and one-way stretchable AdapLite upper material combine to enable the wearers to channel their inner Ronaldo when taking long-range shots.

As indicated, these are the best options for soccer players due to their incredibility.



PUMA Men’s King Top Fg Sneaker – Shoes for soccer players with wide feet


Product details:

  • Package Dimensions:11.1 x 8.1 x 4.1 inches; 1.3 Pounds
  • Item model number:‎ 10560701
  • Department: Men’s
  • Date First Available:‎ July 7, 2019
  • Manufacturer:PUMA


The next product on our list of best soccer shoes for wide cleats is, yes, you guessed it right. It is none other than the PUMA King II FG-M Sneaker.


If you have wide feet then these shoes are made for you. This is because they have a wide sole that is made of leather which makes them suitable for people with wider feet. The leather has the ability to adapt according to your foot size with time, thus providing exceptional and incredible support while running.


These cleats are known among soccer players for their durability. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. Moreover, the soft premium leather upper enhances the ball control in the soccer game.



  • Pros:

  • Flexible

  • Breathable

  • Improved ball control

  • Superior comfort

  • Durable

  • A bit narrower



Why is it recommended?

If you need any more convincing for buying these soccer cleats for wide feet then bear in mind that they are equipped with an external heel counter which provides the wearer with improved stability and heel fit.


The lightweight Pebax outsole enhances maneuverability and unique flexibility making these cleats one of the best in the business. It is known for being a lightweight supportive structural material that is used in race day super shoes.



New Balance Men’s Visaro 2.0 Control FG Soccer Shoe – Wide soccer cleat for players


Product details:

  • Package Dimensions : 12.52 x 7.72 x 4.61 inches; 7.5 Ounces
  • Item model number: MSVCFMH2
  • Department: Men’s
  • Date First Available: January 12, 2018
  • Manufacturer: New Balance


New Balance is considered one of the most reliable cleats brands in soccer. From durability to comfortability, their soccer cleats have got it all under one roof.


So, if you are a soccer player and looking to add a new flavor to your game then there you go, New Balance is the right fit for you.


These cleats are equipped with EVA footbeds that not only provide comfort but also enhance their stability. The studs are made to function on firm ground. It provides traction on pitch surfaces, thus enhancing stability and preventing footballers from sliding.


Moreover, they are light in weight which is one of the things that everyone looks for.



  • Slip-resistant

  • Comfortable

  • Light

  • Fit well

  • A bit narrow in the midsection

  • Question marks over the durability of soles



Why is it recommended?

These soccer cleats have been equipped with a rubber sole that makes them slip-resistant. They are designed with a wider instep which makes them ideal for wider feet.


They fit well and are super comfortable thanks to the cushioning done. The stud quality is a top reason that they’re a great choice for soccer players.



New Balance Men’s Furon 4.0 Pro FG Soccer Shoe – cleats for soccer players with wide feet 


Product details:

  • Product Dimensions : 5 x 5 x 5 inches; 8 Ounces
  • Item model number: MSFPFTW4
  • Department: Men’s
  • Date First Available: June 28, 2018
  • Manufacturer: New Balance


The next product on our list of best soccer shoes for wide feet is another New Balance.


These wide soccer cleats come with elasticated stretch mesh with PU coating which enhances the comfort level and allows easy foot entry for football players. Due to its high-impact absorption and resistance, it’s widely used in sports materials, especially sports shoes.


Increased ball feeling is provided by the lightweight textured mesh in these football cleats. It offers maximum air ventilation and increases comfort levels by allowing sweat to evaporate faster and keep your feet dry.


Their design is far superior to the previous editions of New Balance soccer cleats for wider feet making them one of the top-rated brands on the face of the earth.



  • Enhanced acceleration and shot power

  • Durable

  • Lightweight

  • Easy foot entry

  • A bit pricey

  • The sole may come apart after sometime


Why is it recommended?

The PU sprint spike-inspired heel collar enhances the comfort and movement around the ankle area.


They are known for providing the wearer with an extra boost in acceleration and shot power with their Firm ground directional stud combination.

Due to their enhanced sweat evaporative capability, these are ideal for any athlete.



Umbro Men’s Football Boots – Soccer cleat with leather upper


Product details:

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Package Dimensions : 13.31 x 8.58 x 4.65 inches; 8.82 Ounces
  • Item model number: 80957U-DJU
  • Department: Men
  • Date First Available: July 8, 2016
  • Manufacturer: Umbro


Last but not least on our list are Umbro Men’s Football boots. Another giant of the football shoe industry has gained rapid popularity among football enthusiasts over the course of the last few years.


This leather boot is made with a trendy design and comes in numerous foot sizes and colors. They have a wide-toe box that provides enough room for the wearer. These provide maximum space for feet to move naturally and thus feet are allowed to move in a way they are meant to be moved.


This soccer cleat is equipped with a wishbone which provides midfoot stability as well as arch support. They are one of the top-rated cleats on Amazon mainly down to the comfort that they provide to the wearer.



  • Comfortable

  • Breathable

  • Wide toe box

  • Allow greater contact area with the ball

  • Trendy design

  • A bit snug at first

  • Not durable enough



Why is it recommended?

Furthermore, this cleat would provide the wearer with a greater contact area with the ball which would enhance your control over the ball hence in the game.


They are also equipped with kangaroo leather which results in improved performance. Due to their unique specifications, they are the best pieces for sportsmen.




What are the best cleats for wide feet?

All of the above-mentioned cleats are of top-notch quality and have been manufactured by one of the world’s best footwear brands. It is difficult to pick one of them as all of them have their pros as well as cons.


But if we have to take one then it would be Adidas Copa Mundial. There is a reason why they are considered as one of the best soccer cleats in history, yes you read that right.

Is Nike or Adidas better for wide feet?

Now, Nike and Adidas are considered two of the heavyweights in the soccer cleats industry. Both are always trying to pull something extraordinary to outdo the other.


This is one of the reasons why both of them have been manufacturing soccer cleats of tremendous quality year after year. From a supreme lacing system to enhanced performance to a wider toe box they have got it all.

Is Nike Tiempo Legend good for wide feet?

We have received numerous queries from people over the last few months asking us whether the Nike Tiempo legend soccer cleats are for wider feet or not. Yes, they are designed for people with wider feet which is one of the reasons why we have ranked them as one of the best on our list of best soccer cleats for wide feet.



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Final Verdict:

Sports of any kind require players to perform to their elite levels. In the case of soccer, players have to take sharp turnarounds while running at a much faster pace. This increases the chances of getting slipped or injured if you’re not wearing a stable cleat. Not only does this increase the chances of accidents but also reduces the overall performance which is bad for both the player and the team. These situations even worsen for a person with wide feet. So, a perfect cleat is needed to avoid all risky conditions and take your performance to a peak level.

Picking the right pair of footwear might be an easy process in other sports but is certainly not in soccer.


You need to find the right pair of shoes that cater to all your needs and requirements otherwise you could face numerous problems such as irritation in your feet as well as injuries.


That is why we have come up with the list of best soccer shoes for wide feet so that you can make a well-informed decision that would keep you out of harm’s way.


From comfortability to top-quality material to great design, our list has got it all. These products are packed with top-quality materials that are designed to enhance your overall performance by offering a variety of functions that are risk removals in specific ways. So, go and have a look again at these if you miss it by any chance!


Did you like our list? If you did or even if you did not, leave a comment below. We would love to get back to you. Till next time. Adios.

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